Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Connect Hong Kong

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Connect is a forum for select entrepreneurially-minded individuals to network and share ideas, and is a platform for entrepreneurs to foster innovation as well as, cultivate and develop own ideas.

This by-invitation only forum is an annual gathering of entrepreneurs of all stages of business development, as well as c-level executives, business leaders, movers and shakers of various industries, in an environment that aims to synergize innovation, passion and pragmatism.

Expect ample opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts that could lead to new businesses or ventures. And lend your ears to listen and meet keynote speakers who promised to offer insights and practical strategies, with actionable information that you can apply in a heartbeat.

The event will be held in two exciting cities in Asia – Singapore and Hong Kong.

Why ‘Synergizing Forces’?

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Connect recognizes that each attendee is a ready force of change and innovation. And much like a pendulum, each ‘force’ becomes more than the sum of its part when connected and shared, igniting a momentum that creates positive ripples and idea-generation within the larger community.