Jeffrey Kang

By 18 December 2017

Jeffrey Kang, Founder and CEO, Cogobuy Group/ IngDan


An e-commerce visionary and serial entrepreneur, Jeffrey Kang founded Cogobuy, China’s largest online commerce platform for electronics manufacturers. The company provides a direct sales platform, an online marketplace, and a dedicated team of technical consultants and professional sales representatives. Its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange raised HKD1.3b.


Jeffrey has more than 18 years of experience in the online, multimedia and electronic component distribution industries. Prior to founding Cogobuy, he started the Comtech Group to serve as a distribution channel for the sale of electronic components in the People’s Republic of China. In addition, he began Viewtran, an internet multimedia company that later listed on NASDAQ.


Cogobuy has transformed the dynamics of the online marketplace, streamlining the complex offline procurement system of the electronics manufacturing industry in China. Through a combination of offline and online customer engagement, Cogobuy has attracted and retained electronics manufacturers that work with sales and customer service teams and through web and mobile e-commerce to efficiently search and define purchase order specifications, as well as execute and manage related procurement processes.


In 2013 Jeffrey and his team founded IngDan, which provides one-stop supply chain services to entrepreneurs. Two years later, IngDan is supported by more than 4,000 suppliers and 4 million fans.

“To enable an everyday, normal young entrepreneur to enjoy the resources held only by large companies is the idea of IngDan,” Jeffrey explains. “To allow them to make mistakes at a low cost is the biggest help that can be given to young entrepreneurs.”