Mouna Aouri

By 7 December 2017

Mouna Aouri is a bridge engineer and a serial tech-entrepreneur. Mouna has been involved in the tech industry since the late-90s. She has also worked for some of the best French and Japanese engineering firms in Tokyo.

Mouna has built her first business in 2005, a local consulting company based in North Africa that managed engineering projects in the region led by French and Japanese engineering firms. One of the most exciting projects that Mouna has led was the launch of the first Mobile wallet technology platform in Tunisia in 2007.

Following the Arab spring revolution in 2011, Mouna has relocated to Singapore with her family. Her deep desire to see more women in technology and for women to play a bigger role in founding the companies of the future led her to found Woomentum. Woomentum is the first crowdfunding platform in Asia for female led startups to raise funds, validate their market and create brand ambassadors. Woomentum is based in Singapore and has now a the fastest growing community in South East Asia.